iDump (freeware)

iDump is 100% freeware and it gives you back control over your iPod, iTouch or iPhone's media library. Once you have connected your device to your PC and run iDump it goes to work and displays all your media content. Now you can select all your songs, videos or just select your favorite's and copy them across to your PC or if your friends are around why not plug there devices in and share there media.

If you have multiple device iDump allows you to move your media around and consolidate your media libraries to a PC. If your apple device is holding the only copies of your songs or videos as your PC is broken or has been stolen then iDump will restore all your media back to your PC in no time at all.


Output formatting
This gives you the option to select an output directory and the way the songs will be transferred. 

Unattended Transfer 
If you have the pleasure of owning one of the larger iPod's then this option is for you, Simply set the options for this feature and it will deal with common errors like what to do if a song already exist on the destination drive etc. 

Active Searches 
This does what most searches do, it searches!. 

If you use playlists on your iPod then this gives you the option to select any of the playlists and display the song within the selected list only. 

Export Playlists 
This option will export all of your playlists in to the standard .m3u format. 

English, German, Spanish, French.

Compatibility list
Check if your apple device is supported here.

Windows Vista, XP,7,8, and of course you'll need a iPod or iTouch.